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The Sussex Property Broker - for when you just can’t find what you want
Our model is based on getting to know and understand you as a buyer, then setting about delivering the opportunity to buy exactly what you want, rather than what you would have to settle for on the open market. We go out and look for the right place, irrespective as to whether it is for sale at that time – we will then approach these off-market properties, fitting the profile suggested by you, the buyer. 
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The Sussex Property Broker

specializes in working with people as much as with property – we are interested in helping when you have a specific type of place in mind, and it always seems just out of reach. 

What we are doing

for our clients is taking their specific requirements around type of property, location and available budget, then finding that property for the client and initiating the sale process. 

Once a property is sourced

and a confirmed interest in selling is received, The Sussex Property Broker will then refer the soon-to-be seller to an affiliated estate agent to handle the sale. 

Sourcing the right property

for our clients is all that we do – we are specialists in this and concentrate all efforts accordingly - we are not an estate agency, although we have strong ties in that space. 

Sussex Property Broker affiliations
Spec a property and we will find it, using a data-driven approach to off-market prospecting. Then we will lean on our network to push everything through, as required.
Estate agents

We can align the seller of the property we source to an agent to mediate the deal for both parties

Mortgage brokers

If you need help funding your purchase, we have a selection of partners who can find the best mortgage options that you can qualify for


Conveyancing requirements can be accommodated from within our trusted network of local solicitors

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hesham barr
hesham barr

The Sussex Property Broker has been born out a genuine love of property and a desire to make our clients have the same sort of stress-free house hunt we would want for ourselves.

We think you will find us accessible, efficient, effective and proactive, and pretty nice to speak to at the same time. Drop us a line for an informal chat, just so you can gauge whether we are a good fit to help you find that perfect property.